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29.08.2012 Please, visit us on Plovdivs Exhibition betwen 24.09.2012-29.12.2012. You will see our products.

20.01.2012 -
Produced is the first polygraph machine project of ATON

22.12.2011 - The Röntgen programme will start with following blades: 

HM-Titan SET 54x1,6 mm 1,5/2 tpi             from April, 2012

HM-Titan SET 80x1,6 mm 0,85/1,15 tpi      from April, 2012


HM-Titan SET 67x1,6 mm 1,1/1,6 tpi          from May, 2012


HM-Titan SET 41x1,3 mm 2/3 tpi                from May, 2012

These blades are especially recommended for cutting material, which is binding and stalling in the cut.

12.10.2011 - Design and production of the first machine centers MCO 800